Hardship Policy

Financial Hardship Policy

Alinta Energy is a consumer oriented business. We believe in keeping things fair. We understand that energy is an essential service for every household, so disconnection will have significant implications. We want to avoid this wherever possible.
We understand that there can be times when our domestic customers intend to pay their energy bills but, through no fault of their own, may be struggling to pay them by the due date. We accept the general principle that disconnection of an essential service will be the last resort which should only be used when all other options for payment of bills have failed.
This Financial Hardship Policy outlines the minimum standards we will adopt to:
  • identify domestic customers who are experiencing payment difficulties due to hardship; and
  • assist customers to better manage their energy bills so that the risk of disconnection is reduced or eliminated.
General training in the Financial Hardship Policy is part of induction and ongoing training for all Alinta Energy staff and contractors. More detailed training is made available for people actively involved in managing the policy.

The policy is freely available by contacting us directly by phone or mail, or on our web site.

If you are in a situation of genuine financial hardship and cannot pay your energy bill please contact us urgently on 13 37 02 so that we can do our best to help you.

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