Power of Choice

What is Power of Choice?

To support the government’s Power of Choice metering reform, from 1 December 2017, some terms and conditions of your energy contract will be changing. Power of Choice, is an industry wide, government led program that primarily relates to new metering rules. These changes have resulted in the availability of contestable digital metering options, metering data and how these new services are managed. Due to these changes, we've also updated the terms and conditions of your contract with us. To review your amended terms and conditions click here.

The (AEMC) Australian Energy Market Commission Power of Choice information page can also be viewed here which outlines the full project history, reports, public submissions, fact sheets and general background on reform issues.


To help answer any questions you may have about these changes, you can view our Power of Choice Industry Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Power of Choice?

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