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Welcome to Fair Saver - the energy discount you can depend on.

With Fair Saver you’ll receive a guaranteed discount off your electricity and or gas usage charges on every bill you receive.  There are no special conditions, either.  Simply pay your bill and the discount’s yours.

Fair Saver product information

Fair Saver gives you complete freedom, while allowing you to save on your electricity account.  No lock-in contracts, no exit fees and a guaranteed 17% discount off your electricity usage charges^, Plus, if you bundle Natural Gas, you will receive a guaranteed 8% discount off your gas usage charges^, Not just for an introductory period, but for a full 12 months.

Product Information

Usage discount on Electricity^ 17%
Usage discount on Natural Gas^ (optional) 8%
Term No lock-in contract or exit fees
Flexible billing options Yes - you can choose to receive your bills either by mail or post (and we won’t charge you for sending out a paper bill!)
Flexible Payment options Yes - We offer a range of convenient payment options to find out more visit ways to pay
Discount benefit period One year discount benefit period
Access to Alinta Energy rewards Yes

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^With Fair Saver, you’ll get 17% off your electricity usage charges and 8% off your natural gas usage charges based on Alinta Energy Retail Sales Pty Ltd published market tariffs for South Australia. Our market tariffs are subject to change in accordance with applicable laws. 12 month discount benefit period. Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Basic Plan Information for this offer are available here.

Market Retail Contract

Basic Plan Information can also be viewed at energymadeeasy.gov.au