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Alinta Energy proudly supplies Natural Gas to hundreds of thousands of homes across Australia. As one of the cleanest, most economical and efficient non-renewable energy sources available, not to mention one which Australia is blessed to have in abundant supplies, Natural Gas is a great solution to your household’s energy needs.
Heating and cooling the home accounts for the majority of energy consumption in the average Australian house, closely followed by heating water, and then cooking. Using Natural Gas can make a huge difference to your bills, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too. Natural Gas appliances are smart, stylish, affordable and can change the way you live, and think about your energy use.  
We invite you to take a tour of our Alinta Energy Save with Gas Home to discover the myriad ways in which you can reduce energy consumption throughout your home - as well as adding serious style and affordable luxury. Wander through each room in the house and we’ll show you how inconspicuous appliances can really make a difference to your home, your pocket, and the environment. 
In our designer kitchen we use a Natural Gas cooktop, which has long been the stove of choice for chefs and enthusiastic at-home cooks alike for their ability to provide accurate temperature control and an instant temperature response. Our oven is also gas powered - Natural Gas oven technology has come a long way and not only can gas ovens offer the same features as their electric counterparts, but they enjoy the additional benefits of efficient, responsive temperature control and reliability.
Rooms throughout the home showcase an assortment of heating solutions, from zoned ducted gas heating for the whole house, to efficient space heaters, to a stylish and cosy gas log flame fire. Outside heating includes top-of-the-range outdoor heating with wind resistance, a swivelling bracket to direct heat, and a ceramic screen to offer effective heat dispersion. Far more efficient than electric heating systems, Natural Gas solutions can save you money and provide a comfortable temperature more quickly.
Hot water in our kitchen, bathroom and alfresco entertaining spaces is supplied via a Natural Gas continuous hot water system. This can save up to 30% on your bills for every litre of hot water used (when compared to an equivalent electric system) and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Greenhouse gas emissions can be cut by up to 70%. Even our pool is heated with gas, and check out our gas-fired pizza oven, BBQ, and heated spa! Our alfresco area is pretty special - and everything in it is powered by Natural Gas. 
We hope to show you how many fantastic ways there are to save with gas - our Alinta Energy Save with Gas Home demonstrates just a few of the great energy and cost saving gas appliances available. So step into our Alinta Energy Save with Gas Home and discover both appliances and methods which can help you reduce your energy consumption costs and make everyday life that little bit more comfortable...   

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