No Fuss Gas

Our No Fuss energy plans give you energy that’s affordable and simple to understand – without all the fuss.

Tariffs effective 1 July 2019.

General Usage Rates Unit inc GST
First 4,500 MJ per quarter c/MJ 3.685
Balance c/MJ 2.838
Daily Supply Charge (Discount does not apply to the daily supply charge) cents/day 76.560
Distributor Fees and Charges
  Site Visit Fee
(inc GST)
Remote Fee
(inc GST)
Disconnection 11.88 0.00
Reconnection 11.88 0.00
Special Read 11.88 0.00

Variations in tariffs and other charges

Our market Tariffs are varied from time to time in accordance with the procedures in the National Energy Retail Law and are published on our website. If we change our market Tariffs, we will give you notice of any variations as soon as practicable and in any event no later than your next bill or in accordance with any applicable laws and codes.

We may impose an additional charge if there is, or we fairly and reasonably expect there will be, an increase in any of our environmental, market, metering, network and regulatory costs, if that cost increase is specifically or otherwise attributable to you or to the energy we sell you. The amount of the additional charge will be no more than what is required to recover such an increase in costs. There will be no additional charge to the extent that we recover a cost increase through variations in our tariffs.