Moved House and Still Receiving the Previous Owner’s Energy Bill?

What to do, who to call, how to get it sorted quickly

You’ve just gone through the enormous stress and hassle of moving house but you’re finally settling in and starting to enjoy your new home. The only glitch? You are still receiving the previous owner’s energy bill. This means one thing - they didn’t inform their energy suppliers that they were moving, in which case they didn’t get a meter reading before they left, haven’t finalised and settled their bill, and their account remains open. What to do? Firstly, don’t worry, you are not responsible for the previous owner’s arrears as long as you inform us of the date you moved in. Our tips below will help you to sort this out once and for all.

Finalise your bill

Before you move, it is essential that you arrange for your energy supplier to take meter readings in order to produce a final bill. This will have been exactly what the previous owners of your new home didn’t do so make sure you’ve settled up at your end. We need at least three business days’ notice. It is also helpful to leave the name of your supplier for the new owners of your home — simply write it down and leave it in an obvious place, perhaps alongside other helpful information such as rubbish collection days, the nearest dentist and doctors surgery, and names of the neighbours. Alternatively, you could let your agent know and they could pass on the information.

Contact new suppliers ASAP

It’s a good idea to take meter readings the day you move in. You can also take a photo on your smartphone. As soon as you get a spare few minutes, give those readings to your energy supplier, along with your details and the day you moved in. As long as you have informed us of the date you moved in and therefore when you started to use energy in the property, you are not liable to pay for any energy used previous to that date.


The quickest and easiest way to make any changes or updates is to register for MyAccount, through which you can organise everything from finalising, settling and closing your account for your old home, to opening a new account and updating your contact details. You can also access current and past bills and make payments. You can also organise everything by filling out one of our online forms or by calling us on 13 13 58.

We’ll need your new and old addresses, the dates you are moving out and/or in, the names of any additional family members you want listed on your account and, if you’re moving into rented accommodation, the contact details of your agent.

We want your house move to be as smooth and stress-free as possible so it is our promise to you to help get your bills sorted ASAP. The most important thing for you to do is contact us using any of the methods previously stated.

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