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Moving made better with the Alinta Energy moving truck

Alinta Energy customers can request a booking for our moving truck and, if it's available, you'll get the first 4 hours FREE^ for moves on business days - see our Terms & Conditions for booking the Alinta Energy Moving Truck for full details.

Simply complete and submit our booking request form below and our partner, Adlam Transport, will be in touch within 2-3 business days.

There is a limit of one free four hour move available per business day. If there's already a move booked for the day you want, you'll receive a discounted rate negotiated by Alinta Energy on another moving truck provided by Adlam Transport.

You'll need to be an Alinta Energy customer at your new place to receive these great extras. So if you're not with us, move your gas account to a great gas deal today.

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You'll need to move your account online first before you can request the Alinta Energy moving truck.

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* Read the Terms & Conditions for booking the Alinta Energy Moving Truck here.

+ Read the Alinta Energy Privacy Policy here.

# Read the Adlam Transport Privacy Policy here.

^ All Alinta Energy residential customers are eligible for this offer, provided they are moving from and to a residence within the Metropolitan or Peel region and remain an Alinta Energy customer at their new residence for at least 3 months following the move. Terms & conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Offer subject to availability. Alinta Energy customers can receive up to 4 free hours of moving services from Adlam Transport. For more than 4 hours, or on days when the moving truck is not available, a discounted rate will be payable by the customer. Excludes optional extra services offered by Adlam, such as insurance. Only one free move is available per day, Monday to Friday. The moving services will not be available in the event that Adlam Transport is unable to operate due to any reason whatsoever. Full T&C's available here.

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