Smart Meter Deployment Project - Customer Opt Out Form

Please complete and submit the below form if you would like to opt out of receiving a smart meter. Please ensure that this form is submitted 48 hours prior to your scheduled upgrade appointment date if you have been provided one. You will receive a confirmation of the opt out via your preferred method of communication.

Please note that by opting out of smart meter technology, you will continue to have your meter read manually and have access to basic usage information only.

Under the energy rules, any new or replacement meter must be a smart meter. This means in future if your current meter:

  • becomes faulty;
  • reaches the end of its life; or
  • you choose to have certain electrical work performed (for example, the installation of solar);

then a smart meter must be installed.

Before opting out, our FAQs section at may address any questions or concerns you may have.

If you would like to have a Smart Meter installed in the future, you can do so by contacting us. However, charges may apply if it is not installed as part of this free upgrade service.

Alinta Energy is collecting this information to facilitate your opt out to receiving a smart meter. We may not be able to process your opt out if the abovementioned information is not provided to us. Our Privacy Policy available at tells you how we handle your personal information, including how you can access it, have it corrected or make a complaint. Please contact us at 13 37 02 if you have any questions.

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