Smart Meter Deployment Project - Customer Request Form

A smart meter is a device that digitally measures when and how much electricity you use. Benefits of smart meters are:

  • No more manual reads: Reducing the likelihood of estimated reads and estimated bills.
  • Better electricity usage insights: In MyAccount, you can now see a monthly and daily view of your usage, which is updated 48 hours after the electricity has been used. So you can now track it in (almost) real time. Register or log in to MyAccount here.
  • Cost savings: This greater level of detail means increased opportunity to identify ways to save and adjust, so you can unlock bill savings.
  • No more waiting: View cost projections against usage (in almost real time), to help forecast upcoming bills and budget. No more having to wait 3 months to know what your electricity costs will be.
  • Access to more services: Like solar and battery.
  • More reliable energy: Better detection of faults and easier monitoring of your electricity supply by your distributor, minimising electricity outages.

To request a smart meter upgrade, please have the primary account holder complete the below form.

Important Notes:

  • The primary account holder listed on the account must be the person to submit this request.
  • If additional work is needed for a safe meter exchange, there may be costs incurred. Please feel assured we'll inform you of any costs beforehand.
  • Smart meter installations are typically completed within 15 business days once your request has been processed.
  • We'll contact you to confirm your request is being processed and the appointment date and time as to when our Metering Partner will perform the upgrade, plus any further information about your upgrade.
  • Once your smart meter is installed, your new default network tariff will apply and monthly billing will take effect. To revert to quarterly billing please call us.

If you have any questions please visit our support page or call our dedicated metering team on 1300 723 412.

Please ensure the primary account holder listed on the account completes and submits the below form:

Alinta Energy is collecting this information to facilitate your smart meter request. We may not be able to process your request if the above mentioned information is not provided to us. Our Privacy Policy, available at tells you how we handle your personal information, including how you can access it, have it corrected or make a complaint. Please contact us at 13 37 02 if you have any questions.

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