How to Read your Meter

Knowing how to read your meter can be useful if you have received an estimated bill from Alinta Energy and need you to verify the reading.

Safety when reading your meter

Please take care when you are reading your meter. There may be hidden hazards around, inside or outside your meter board or cabinet.

If you have any queries call 1300 157 216 and we can arrange for someone to read your meter for you. Please note there may be a fee charged for this service.

Reading your own meter

Alinta Energy is committed to giving you convenient and useful service options. These now include the option to read your own electricity or gas meter.

This is a handy way to check your estimated energy bill if the meter reader cannot access your meter for an actual reading.

As long as you submit your meter reading before the due date shown on your bill, and we determine that the meter reading you provided meets our eligibility requirements, Alinta Energy will accept and review your reading and send you a revised bill.

Note: As long as you provide your meter readings to us before the due date on your bill, we will determine if the meter reading you provided meet our eligibility requirements to provide an adjusted bill.

Where to find your electricity or gas meter

Your gas or electricity meter may be outside attached to one of your walls of your home, or on the front or rear porch. Your electricity meter may not always be in the same location as your gas meter. Your meters could also be in your hallway, laundry, garage or under your carport. In some cases, your gas meter could be under your kitchen sink. If you are renting the property, you might want to contact your property agent who may be able to help you find your meters.

If you live in an apartment, duplex or other multi-dwelling building, your electricity or gas meters may be in the basement, car park or in a cabinet on your level. Your meter should be labelled with your unit number. Your gas or electricity meters could also be located in separate locations within the common areas of your apartment complex.

Find out how to read your meter here.

You can provide your meter reading in one of three ways:

  1. Submit your meter read online.
  2. Email it to
  3. Call us on 1300 157 216 and tell us your meter readings over the phone

Please make sure your reading reaches us before the due date on your bill.

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