Large Business Energy Products

We have a range of products that our experts can tailor to your business needs, keeping your energy simple and competitive.


PowerPilot is Alinta Energy’s progressive purchasing platform that helps you manage the risk of purchasing electricity by letting you buy your electricity in smaller, ongoing parcels. Designed in collaboration with energy brokers and large business buyers, PowerPilot provides a simple and secure way of managing price and volume risk. You’ll be able to:

  • Monitor wholesale electricity prices
  • Choose timing and volume of your purchases
  • Manage everything in a simple dashboard environment
  • Track the impact of each purchase with real-time price calculations
  • See your current position in either percentage or dollar terms
  • Stay updated with energy market data
  • Generate insightful reports
  • Ensure only authorised users complete transactions with two-step identification


GreenPower is an offset mechanism that allows customers to source part or all of their grid-supplied electricity from renewable energy generation. This energy is provided by government accredited sources, so customers can be assured about their sustainability efforts being credible. For more information, head to

Alinta Energy can offer customer's scalable GreenPower percentages that can be tailored to specific requirements, helping them contribute to a cleaner, greener Australia.

Power Purchasing Agreements

Alinta Energy offers renewable corporate Power Purchasing Agreements options for large business customers. This option allows you to:

  • Mitigate the risk of volatile energy prices through stable, long term fixed-price contracts
  • Reduce your environmental footprint and create a sustainable brand image
  • Choose the reliable power option to revert to firm prices, securely backed by Alinta Energy’s dispatchable generators
  • Access Alinta Energy’s retail market experience
  • Receive cost competitive renewable energy for a period up to 10 years

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