Alinta Energy Christmas Pageant

We’re bringing the Christmas magic to the WA community when Perth’s much-loved Alinta Energy Christmas Pageant turns 50 and will be returning to St Georges Terrace in 2021!

Christamas Pageant - Kids waving

WA all the way

As proud West Aussies, we’ve grown up enjoying WA’s beloved Perth Christmas Pageant and we’re also proud sponsors of it. Sponsoring the Pageant is a great fit for us, as we’re local and have been for the last 25 years, and it gives us the opportunity to give even more back to our community.

We’re all about looking after WA, from investing in renewable energy sources to helping to bring a bit of Christmas magic to our community.

Past, present and future local support

While we’ve been looking after West Aussies for decades, we’ll be looking after WA well into the future by actively investing in energy across this great state of ours.

In 2019 we launched WA’s largest lithium battery at our Newman Power Station in the Pilbara region. And in May 2021 we completed building WA’s biggest wind farm at Yandin – imagine how many Christmas lights that will power.

The greatest Christmas show

Now enough about us, if for some reason you’ve never heard of the Alinta Energy Christmas Pageant before, it’s the most magical Christmas event in Perth, with heaps of different floats bringing the spirit and magic of Christmas right into the heart of the city.

This year, the Christmas Pageant will take place on 4 December 2021, starting from 7.30pm on St Georges Terrace. For more information visit the official Alinta Energy Christmas Pageant page here.