Alinta Energy Geothermal

As part of Alinta Energy, Alinta Energy Geothermal provides high quality geothermal solutions. With an experienced and qualified team and modern fleet of drill rigs, we have the resources and capability to deliver a broad range of projects.

Our team has many years of experience working with leading Australian companies on various project types. These geothermal projects have ranged from large scale aged care facilities to precinct wide residential estates and upscale restaurants to schools and retail facilities. We are currently undertaking one of the largest residential geothermal HVAC projects in the southern hemisphere in Blacktown, a western suburb of Sydney for Frasers Property Australia.

We have partnered with industry leaders in equipment manufacture and supply and our team have completed training with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Our flagship geothermal heating and cooling system, GeoAir is designed and manufactured in Australia. We also have available alternate products supplied by leading international manufacturers of geothermal heat pumps.

How does it work?

Alinta Energy Geothermal uses the earth’s temperature to make air conditioning systems more energy efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems. While air temperatures fluctuate during the day and between the seasons, below ground temperatures remain constant.

In cooling mode, the system circulates a hot refrigerant vapour into the earth through installed geothermal loops to absorb the naturally cooler, and stable, sub-surface temperatures. With excess heat removed, the cooled refrigerant condenses into a liquid and is circulated through a fan coil unit that cools the warmer air by absorbing excess heat, which causes the refrigerant to expand back into a vapour.

In heating mode, cold refrigerant is circulated within the geothermal loop, absorbing the heat naturally supplied by the earth. This heated refrigerant vapour is compressed and circulated through the fan coil unit, heating the home. This process removes the heat from the refrigerant, cooling it again.

Our geothermal products are already helping hundreds of Australian households lower the costs of operating their heating and cooling systems, which usually account for about 40% of household energy costs.

For more information visit the Alinta Energy Geothermal website.

Other sustainability projects

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Due for completion by mid-2020, we're building WA's largest wind farm. 
We buy renewable energy from solar and wind farms across Australia.