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Energy bills are a big part of any household’s monthly expenses. Monitoring your usage can help you manage your consumption to become more energy efficient.

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Benefits of monitoring your usage

Identify trends:

By tracking your electricity usage over time, you can see how your consumption patterns change seasonally or in response to changes in your lifestyle or habits.

Budgeting and forecasting:

View your average daily usage costs to help budget for your energy expenses and forecast future bills. This can help plan for changes in your energy usage or rates.

Understanding your usage

There are three key types of meters: basic, smart and solar. Electricity meters measure a property’s electricity consumption and is used to calculate what you are charged on your power bill. Understanding what type of meter you have can help you manage your consumption.

Distributors or meter coordinators provide retailers, like Alinta Energy, estimated data when they have been unable to get an actual read from your meter. Your distributor will calculate the estimated usage in line with average usage for the same time last year, and the average usage in your area.

If you received an energy bill that was based on an estimated meter reading and your property does not have a digital meter, you can now provide your meter reading quickly and easily to us, so we can adjust your bill to be more accurate. You can provide your meter reading three ways: submit online, email your reading (with optional photo) to, or call us on 1300 561 029 and tell us your meter reading over the phone.

You can view up to 13 months of usage (if data is available) in your MyAccount. Interact with the graph to view details of a particular period or click on the bar graph to view detailed usage information. Viewing your historical usage can help you budget and forecast for future bills and any known changes that may impact your consumption.

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