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Here are answers to some common questions you may have. If the answer to your questions isn't here, check out our support page or you can contact us and we'll find the answer for you.

Alinta Energy Solar

Can I get solar where I live / What is an eligible area?

How much will your solar PV system cost?

Is Alinta Energy selling solar PV systems?

Where can I go for more information about solar?

Where can I register my interest / How do I get a quote?

Why should I buy a solar system from Alinta Energy?

Will Alinta Energy be selling battery storage solutions?

Will Alinta Energy be selling solar systems for businesses?


Does Alinta Energy provide any services for customers with special needs?

Does the supply charge apply even if I have gas connected but don't use it?

How can I calculate my next bill?

How often do I receive my Alinta Energy bill?

Is there a State Government Energy Rebate for pensioners and other concession card holders who are Alinta Energy customers?

What is an estimated account?

What is the account establishment fee for?

What is the supply charge for?

Why is my gas bill higher than usual?

Have we answered your question?

Will Alinta Energy ever ask for my personal details over email?

Customer Information

What is the impact of the removal of carbon tax on energy prices?

Where can I find the Customer Charter

Who is Alinta Energy Assist?

Having trouble seeing your bills in MyAccount

Do you have more than one account with Alinta?

Have you added your Alinta account number to your "Your Account" profile?

Your bill does not appear, you get a blank page when clicking on due date

Changing energy plans

Am I able to change plans, if I am an existing customer?

Do my standing rates change if I change plans?

I am currently on direct debit, does that all transfer over to this new product as well?

I am due for a new bill in the next couple of days, will that bill be on the new product still?

I currently pay my bill through Centrelink, will this be affected?

If I decide to change energy plans will you need my concession details again or have you got that already?

Will my actual rates change?

Will my solar feed in tariff automatically role-over to this new product?

Our Fair Saver guaranteed product

Who is eligible for the Fair Saver Product?

How does the discount work?

How will I know if this is beneficial for me?

If I pay late, will I be penalised?

Will my power be disconnected, if I do not pay my bill?

Why have Alinta Energy created the Fair Saver product?

How long is my discount benefit period?

If my discount is guaranteed, does this mean my rates are guaranteed?

How does this affect my solar feed in tariff?

Do I have to pay by direct debit to receive the discount?

What’s the catch?

When will I receive the new discount, if I change to Fair Saver?

I recently cancelled, am I able to receive the new discount?

What savings will I see on my bill?

As a result of this guaranteed discount are you going to lock me into a contract?

Are there going to be guaranteed discount products available to small business customers?

How do I sign up to this offer?