Five reasons to consider natural gas for your kitchen, reno or new build

Whether you’re renovating or building, there are ways to make your kitchen more energy efficient, which can help you save money now and in the future.

Whilst electricity may have made our lives easier in many ways, natural gas remains the most efficient way to cook. Boiling or steaming, sautéing, griddling or stir-frying, there are a huge number of advantages of cooking with gas. Here’s our favourite five:

1. Immediately responsive heat

There’s a reason most professional kitchens use gas cooktops. The heat is immediate and precise. There are no long wait times for the pan to heat up and the temperatures reached are often closer to the recommended heat in recipe books, helping you to achieve dependable results every time you cook.

2. Less wasted heat

Both gas and electric ovens are thermostatically controlled, meaning they power down to conserve energy once the desired temperature has been reached. They continue this cycle throughout the cooking process. However, electric cooktops tend to produce more wasted heat than gas cooktops, as the surface continues to stay hot after they’re switched off.

3. Cheaper operating costs

Whilst gas ovens are often more expensive to buy and install, the higher price of electricity makes electric ovens more expensive to run. Gas and electric ovens use roughly the same amount of energy each year, but on average, electric ovens can cost up to five times more to run than gas.

Electric ovens often need more maintenance, repair and replacement of parts too – all of which adds to the running costs. The coils tend to suffer from wear over time and power outages can damage parts. Because of this, gas ovens usually have a longer life span than electric models.

4. Unaffected by power cuts

If your electricity is cut by temperamental weather you can usually still cook on a gas cooktop, as gas pipes tend not to be affected by the kind of weather that can cause electrical power outages. Gas cooktops can be much more reliable.

5. Reduce your carbon emissions

Appliances powered by natural gas can help a household reduce its carbon footprint. A gas cooktop produces less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of an equivalent electric model.

Currently there are no schemes in place to label gas cooktops with energy efficiency ratings, like we have with electric appliances, making it harder to quickly compare gas and electric cooktops. But your monthly bill speak for itself.

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