How to move house with your pets

Moving home is one of life’s most stressful undertakings – up there with getting married, starting a new job and, believe it or not, retirement.

If humans, with their logic and capacity to take on new challenges, find moving anxiety-inducing imagine the toll it takes on those creatures of habit living under your roof. Your pets.

A little thoughtfulness and a few simple measures should make the transition from one place to the next easier.

1. Choose your new home and suburb carefully

When selecting your new home, factoring in the demands of your pet will make life easier for everyone.

Backyards are shrinking, but even the smallest patch of green at the rear of your new home will make your dog or cat a little happier.

If you have a tiny garden or you’re moving to an apartment, look around for a dog-friendly local park or oval, so you can let your dog off lead. Or even better, ask around or check your local Facebook groups to find out where dog-owners gather at the same time.

You can also find reviews for local dog-friendly beaches, parks and exercise areas online – if you’re stuck, try

Being in a pet-friendly suburb can make all the difference for you and your pooch.

2. Take extra care on moving day

There are so many moving parts on moving day, pets can be easily overlooked.

Doors are left open as people move in and out, and if an already stressed pet bolts, its absence may not be noticed for a long time because everyone is so pre-occupied with the move.

Appoint one person in the house to be in charge of your pet(s). They will need to check that your pet is wearing an ID tag with your current phone number, properly secured when doors are opened, safely transported and comfortably settled in the new place.

3. Respect their routine

The best way to keep your pet calm during the move (the lead-up, during and after) is to stick as closely as possible to their routine.

Walk them at the same time, stick to their feeding pattern and try not to disrupt their sleeping routine.

This could be hard for some families where the disruption may go on for days, so it may be better to ask a family member or friend to look after your pet for the duration of the move.

4. Help your pet settle in quickly

No matter how much you do to keep your pet calm during your move they will be disrupted by the new home. As quickly as you can re-establish their routine, which includes a walk around the new neighbourhood. It will distract your dog from the disruption and allows them to explore their new world and all its marvelous smells.

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