What do I pack first when moving homes?

You’ve decided on a move out date and you need to start packing soon, but don’t know where to start! What do you do?

We’ve got just the advice for this moving house dilemma.

Let’s assume you’ve already set aside ample time to declutter and purge before packing.

You don’t want to start packing the wrong things first. You can end up wasting precious time packing, unpacking, then trying to fix the mess. Simply spend some time beforehand to prioritise and organise exactly what needs to be packed first and it’ll save you unnecessary stress during an already taxing time.

Become a BOSS at organising

We all know life loves throwing you a few hectic hiccups during busy time likes this. It’s the law of nature.

But don’t panic – we’ve figured out the perfect solution. It might sound like a hassle, but the best way to get ahead of the madness of moving is with a well-thought-out and organised schedule in the form of a spreadsheet.

Simply create a timetable working backwards from your move date to figure out what rooms you need to pack first. The packing process always takes longer than you think, so try not to overload yourself with too many rooms to pack each day. It’s better to be conservative than overambitious.

Start with the room you use least, like your garage, garden shed and attic, then work your way up to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. And if you're staying safe and working from home, be sure to pack up your study or workstation at the end, just in case.

Get your inventory in check!

There’s absolutely nothing worse than losing something important in the big move. The best way to combat this is, you guessed it, more organisation!

To take it one step further, add an inventory checklist to your beautiful spreadsheet. You can do this by keeping a detailed account of what’s in each storage bin and which room each box belongs in. This will help keep you sane.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to audit your belongings. As you check off each item, you can consider whether you have the appropriate level of insurance cover for contents in your new home. You might also find you need to add additional insurance for goods in transit while you move.

Now let’s get back to the fun stuff. We’ve put together some pro tips to turn you into a super organised, packing genius:

  • Colour codes and labels are your new best friend. Always label the top and all sides of each box. Colour coding each room of the new house will also help your removalists figure out where everything goes.
  • Use stackable boxes – these are a game changer! Not only are they incredibly secure, stable and durable, it’s an efficient way of saving space while travelling with your belongings.
  • Leave the heavy lifting for the professionals. We don’t want you to hurt your back trying to move furniture. Let the experts handle it as they have specialist equipment to safely move large items and heavy-duty moving blankets to protect your precious furniture.
  • Keep specialty screws and parts in zip-lock bags taped to the correct item. It’ll save you the headache of sorting through all the spare parts later. Trust us.

So, what items do I actually pack first?

Now that we’ve gotten the nitty gritty out the way, we can begin having fun packing.

Always pack an overnight bag for move-in night to save you from rummaging through everything to find what you need. Pack your toiletries and towel, toilet paper, a first aid kit with bandages and alcohol swabs, a change of clothes, bedding for a good night’s rest, phone chargers and any kitchen basics you’ll need on your first night in your new home.

Once that’s done, let’s dig into the items of your least used rooms.

Box non-essentials first. This includes décor, artwork, photographs, items in storage closets, extra bedding and books. Try to keep heavy and light items mixed between boxes, with heaviest items sitting at the bottom of the box.

Next up are the most used items. These often take more effort and time, so be mindful of your schedule and adapt accordingly.

On moving day, the ‘least used’ boxes should go into the removalist truck last so that they’re deposited into the new rooms first. This will allow for the most used items to be stacked on top. Then there’s no need to go through the painstaking process of removing all the top boxes just to find something in the bottom box.

As you’re going through all your items, have your Donate, Sell and Upcycle boxes at the ready so you can clear as you go.

And now that you’ve got all you need to get started on your packing, go forth and truly embrace the packing pro that you now are.

To help you when you move, we’re putting some of the best moving tips we’ve learnt over the past 25 years on our website.

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