Tips on how to save money when you move

Moving house isn’t the cheapest exercise. You have a lot to consider like packaging materials, deposits, exit cleaning fees, removalists and setting up utilities at your new property.

Luckily, moving house doesn't have to break the bank. These 8 helpful tips could help you save money when you move.

1. Make a plan

Having a plan is one of the best ways to save time and money. You can work out exactly what needs to be done, by when, and how much it’s going to cost. This means no last minute surprise costs.

2. Move with less

Having a ruthless clear out before you move means you’ll reduce the amount of belongings you need to transport, which not only results in cost saving but time saving too.

Use online marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to sell unwanted goods, or donate items to charity, family, friends or neighbours.

3. Compare quotes

If you’re using a professional removalist service, shop around for quotes. Don’t just take the first quote you get. Prices can vary, so make sure you choose the service that covers the aspects of the move you need. And don’t be shy – ask for a discount!

You may want to ask your removalist for a home visit too. They can more accurately quote you on what size truck you’ll need and how long it’ll take them to move you.

4. Choose an off-peak day to move

Most people choose to move on a weekend or Friday. If you can, choose a less popular day to move and you might be surprised at the price difference!

5. Use second-hand boxes

Ask around for moving boxes from anyone who may have moved recently – family, friends, neighbours or even on your local Facebook groups. Just remember, make sure the boxes are in good condition. You don’t want boxes collapsing if they’ve been used too many times.

6. Manage the food in your pantry and freezer

Often we don’t realise how much food we have in our fridge, freezer or pantry until we move. Go through your food, making sure you dispose or compost anything that’s past it’s ‘use by date’. Next, eat the food you have before you move and don’t buy anything you’ve already got stocked.

7. Pack an essentials box

Pack a box of essential items that you’ll need as soon as you arrive at the new property, so you don’t end up scrambling for these items later in the day or buying them in a hurry.

8. Get a deal on your household expenses

Before you move in, make a plan to move your utilities (water, gas and electricity), telecommunications (landline and broadband), insurance (house, contents and car) and entertainment (like Foxtel). Where you can, take the opportunity to speak with a customer services representative about deals – you may be surprised what you can save when you ask!

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