Top 6 tips to curb bill shock

Having a great value gas plan is an important first step in minimising your energy costs. But the reality is, Australia’s energy costs are rising, which is why many people are looking at new and innovative ways to curb their energy costs.

Here are our top 6 tips that can help you manage and even avoid bill shock.

1. Why’s my bill so high?

If you’ve received a bill that is higher than expected, start with our handy checklist and investigate ‘why’s my gas bill so high?’. In most cases, you’ve simply used more gas than usual, however, we cover off several factors that you may not have thought of before.

2. What makes up the amount on my bill?

Your bill is made up of different charges, including supply and usage charges. Understand what makes up your gas bill so that you’re better informed to help reduce it.

3. How can I reduce my gas usage?

The weather can have a significant impact on your household gas usage. During winter, the shorter and cooler days can push up your gas usage, especially if you’re inside with your gas heater running. For more ideas on how you could save on gas, see our energy saving tips.

4. What is bill smoothing?

Bill smoothing is a way of paying your bill in smaller amounts throughout the year, rather than larger quarterly bills. It gives you peace of mind from the certainty and consistency of receiving the same bill amount each billing period – no more peaks and troughs from seasonal gas bills. Find out ‘All about bill smoothing’.

5. Adjust your budgeting

You could try some personal budgeting tactics. For example, if you pay quarterly, put some cash away every month so you already have money on hand when your next bill arrives.

6. Get on a great gas deal

We said it at the start. No matter how much cash you save or how much you reduce your energy usage, make sure you’re on the best gas plan for your needs – because not all gas plans are alike.