What's the plan, Stan?

The key to a smooth home move is planning, whether you’re hiring a removalist or doing it yourself.

Who does the heavy lifting?

Your first big decision is whether you do the move yourself, or if you go with a removalist.

If you can’t afford a removalist, the decision is made for you. This means you’ll have to plan more carefully than those who call upon professionals.

Those in the position to make a choice need to think carefully about going for the cheaper option, as it could turn out be costlier than you think and lead to unacceptable levels of stress. 

Choosing a date

Think carefully about the day you choose to move. 

For a start, what is the weather going to be like? Do you want to be hauling stuff in and out of your house if it’s pouring with rain or, vice versa, if the sun is beating down?

And what about the traffic? If you’re doing the move yourself, do you want to be caught up in rush hour with a ute packed with your possessions?

And you need to think carefully about the kids. In some cases a move during school time may be smart. You’ll be able to pack them off to school and arrange for after-school care.

Timing is everything

Next you need to calculate how long the move will take, whether you are using a removalist or doing it yourself.

This will enable you to plan your meals (are you cooking or will you eat out?), choose where you will spend the night (and all that involves), and know what stage you will be at when the kids are coming home from school.

Realistically assessing how much you can do in an allotted time is crucial to a successful move. You don’t want to turn a fresh start into a harrowing event.

Make a checklist

The key to a great plan is how far you drill down into the details.

So you will need to make yourself a checklist.

Amongst the major items on the list should be updating your postal address and online accounts, getting your pets cared for, back up hard drives etc.

You will also need to contact your utility suppliers. If you’re with Alinta Energy give us one business day’s notice and we’ll connect the gas to your new home ready for when you move in*. And if you’re not with Alinta Energy, think about making the switch.

To help you when you move, we’re putting some of the best moving tips we’ve learnt over the past 25 years on our website, visit alintaenergy.com.au/blog.

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Who are Adlam Transport

Alinta Energy has partnered with Adlam Transport to help customers in WA when they move. Adlam Transport is a leading Perth removalist, providing a wide variety of services such as storage, pre-pack services, office removals and local furniture removals across Perth, WA more broadly, and interstate for over 25 years.

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