Scam Information

Potential scam warning to customers

Alinta Energy has become aware of a potential scam directed at current or previous customers. Claiming to be calling from Alinta Energy the scam involves agents calling to offer further discounts on customers energy plans or requesting customers to pay outstanding amounts on their account over the phone.

The scam involves requesting customers to set up Direct Debit arrangements and/or provide financial information, including credit card or bank account (i.e. Direct Debit) details over the phone.

To assist you in making sure you are protected, we want you to feel safe in knowing the facts when it comes to sharing your personal and banking information with Alinta Energy.

  • Alinta Energy is not currently actively marketing or offering additional Direct Debit incentives, or discounts with its products.
  • You should not trust any phone call that does not display caller ID. Calls made by or on behalf of Alinta Energy will always display the caller’s phone number.
  • You can securely pay your bill by phone using our automated bill payment system which can be accessed by calling 13 37 02.
  • You should only update your account information using My Account or with an authorised Alinta Energy Customer Care representative, whereby you have initiated the call and the phone number you dialled came from a trusted source, such as our website, your bill or our marketing materials.
  • We will always provide a customer reference number to you over the phone that can be used to reference your account details via our billing system at a later date.

What should you do if you think you have been targeted?

If you think you may have provided a third party with your credit card or bank account details over the phone as part of this, or any other suspected Alinta Energy scam, please contact your bank or financial institution immediately. You should also lodge it with the Federal Government's Scam Watch website at

Please contact your local police if you believe you may be the victim of fraud.

Kind regards

The Alinta Energy team