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Alinta Energy is a Natural Gas supplier and we're making energy really simple. The way it should be - more helpful, more transparent and more informative. Phone calls answered promptly. Questions answered in a straightforward way. Bills explained in real terms.

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Natural Gas Connection

Natural Gas connection

Connecting to gas is easier than you think.

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What is Natural Gas

Natural Gas is one of the cleanest, most reliable, economical and efficient non-renewable energy sources available.

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Natural Gas Appliances

There are a range of Natural Gas appliances including heating, cooking, laundry, hot water and outdoors.

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Your Natural Gas Bill

Keeping it fair means helping you understand your bill, making it easy to access and being transparent.

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You can pay your Alinta Energy bill online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It's easy!

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Natural Gas Pricing and Fees

It's important for you to understand the pricing and fees that may apply to your Alinta Energy account.

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View all the latest competitions from Alinta Energy. As Perth's largest Natural Gas retailer we have a number of partnerships to provide you these unique competitions and prizes.

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