Understanding Your Alinta Energy Bill

So, you've got your Alinta Energy bill and you would like to get a better understanding of it. You've come to the right place.

Below is an overview of the items that appear on your bill and what they mean.

1. Amount due

The amount due shown on your bill is the full amount you need to pay on or before the due date.

2. Payment due date

The payment due date is listed above the amount due on your bill. Unless you’ve arranged an alternative payment arrangement with us, you’ll need to pay your account in full on or before this date.

3. Account number

Your account number is located in the top-right corner on your bill. For faster service, please have this number handy whenever you call us.

4. Account Period

The date range indicates the period of time for which your account was calculated.

5. Usage History

Here, you’ll find your average daily gas consumption, average daily cost and the service address where the gas was used.

6. Meter reading and number

You’ll find your most recent meter reading and your meter number on the back of your bill, at the top.

7. Gas supply charges

This section on the back of your bill details all of the charges used in calculating your account.

8. Discount on gas usage charges

If you’re on our Fair Go product, the discount and the amount you’ve saved will be listed here. The amount saved is deducted from your Residential Gas Usage charge and reflected in the current charges due.

9. Payment number

Your payment number is located at the bottom right of your bill. You’ll need to have your payment number when you make a payment.

10. Payment methods

The available payment methods are located at the bottom on the front and back of your bill.

11. Your address

The address in the top-left corner is the postal address the bill is sent to, and may be different to the supply address.
The account is addressed to the person(s) registered as the account holder(s).
If you need to change your postal address or the account holder’s details visit the Update your details page for information.

12. Useful phone numbers

If you have any questions about your account or you’d like to report a fault, you can call us on one of the numbers listed at the top of your bill or Contact Us.