Local support for WA locals

Offering great savings and great service is a big part of what we do. Our locally based Alinta Energy service team (who are here in Perth) are dedicated to giving you quality local support when you need it. We’ve been helping West Australians with their gas for over 25 years and we employ locals across most of WA. That’s why we say a big deal on gas needs to support West Australian locals too.

A customer service team that’s just up the road

We’re proud to say our customer service team is locally based, right here in WA. In a time when everything is becoming automated, it’s nice to know you can jump on the phone and speak to not only a person, but a WA local just like you. This means no tricky time zone differences, no more static-filled far-away phone calls, and plenty of help that comes straight from your own backyard. Feel free to contact us for any reason - we’re not going anywhere!

Employing locals across WA

It’s not just in our Perth call centre that you will find WA locals! We’ve got power stations and operations across WA – stretching all the way from Port Hedland down to Wagerup. And we’ve got local people running them. As both a retailer and generator of power we need a lot of support to keep things going. We employ people across most of WA to help us supply our customers with more than just a great gas deal.

We’ve been at home in WA for decades

When you’re with Alinta Energy, you also get a big deal of experience. We’ve been at home in WA for over 25 years which means we’ve had plenty of time to learn what West Australians want from their natural gas supplier. When you’re with us, you get the peace of mind knowing you’re with WA’s largest natural gas retailer who is trusted by more WA families than anyone else.

A gas deal that also provides local support

To us, a big deal is about offering savings on gas and local support when you need it. Check out our range of great gas deals.



A big deal from Alinta Energy

A big deal to us is offering savings plus so much more. We believe in...