A sustainable energy future is a big deal

We know that what we do today affects how we live tomorrow. That’s why we’re investing in a number of renewable energy projects throughout this state we call home. And while natural gas will still be a part of our future, energy generated from wind, solar and hybrid projects will play an ever-greater role. It’s why we say that a big deal on gas needs to also build a greener future for WA.

We built WA’s biggest wind farm

Dandaragan is known for its farms, and now it’s also home to WA’s biggest wind farm. Head a little south of town and you’ll see them - 51 wind turbines, their 72m-long blades spinning high up in the sky, providing enough energy to power up to 200,000 homes. Yandin Wind Farm (a RATCH/Alinta Energy investment managed by Alinta Energy) is a $400 million project that will deliver cleaner energy for Western Australia and help power a more sustainable future.

Chichester Solar Farm

Fortescue Metal Group’s Chichester Hub needs plenty of energy to keep its iron ore operations going. Generating all that energy consumes 100,000,000 litres of diesel every year. That’s a lot of zeros! Imagine being able to turn all those zeros into just one - that’s what our Chichester Solar Gas Hybrid project will do. In partnership with Downer, we’re combining solar, gas and battery storage to give Fortescue access to cleaner, more affordable and better-connected energy.

WA’s largest lithium-ion battery

In April 2018, we commissioned the Alinta Energy Newman Battery Storage Project at our Newman Power Station in the Pilbara. This involved the installation of a 35MW battery; one of the biggest in the world. The project provides more reliable power to regional industries, including major iron ore producers. It also helps the power station operate more efficiently, which reduces gas consumption and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. The project has won a string of innovation awards including an Australian Engineering Excellence Award.

A gas deal that also considers the future

To us, a big deal on gas is about offering savings AND looking after the future of our state. Check out our range of great gas deals.





A big deal from Alinta Energy

A big deal to us is offering savings plus so much more. We believe in..

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We buy renewable energy from solar and wind farms across Australia.
We built WA’s biggest wind farm using industry-leading wind turbines.