Billing and Payment Options Available to you

We recognise that managing your bills is important. Choosing the right billing option can help you feel organised, stay on budget and plan for the future. Here are some options available to you with Alinta Energy:

Monthly Billing

If you have a smart meter, or planning on upgrading, you’ll receive your bills on a monthly basis.

Monthly billing can help with;

  • Better budgeting
  • Avoiding one quarterly payment
  • Tracking changes in usage for energy savings to help make smarter energy choices
  • Risk reduction by detecting any variances in usage quicker


If you have a basic meter and monthly billing is not available, we have an alternate payment option; SmoothPay.

SmoothPay spreads the cost of your bills over regular recurring payments. These payments are direct debited either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

You will still receive an energy bill every 3 months so you can keep track of your usage and payments. If there is anything owing on your bill, you will need to pay the balance by the due date. If your account goes into credit, this will go towards paying off your next bill.

SmoothPay helps with simplifying the payment process with a regular known instalment schedule, saving you time and hassle.

To set up SmoothPay please call us on 1300 108 613 or for more information visit our SmoothPay page here.


Make a payment anytime via MyAccount. Simply log in or register to MyAccount, and press ‘make a payment’ on your dashboard. This means you can make pre-payments anytime that suits you.

In MyAccount you can also find previous bills (up to 13 months) and check if a bill is due.

Direct Debit

Set up a direct debit to avoid manual payments and peace of mind that bills will be paid on time.

You can easily set up multiple direct debits in MyAccount and it takes less than 5 minutes.

For information on direct debit and additional ways you can set up this payment method, visit our Direct Debit page.


Give or receive help with your bills. HelpPay is a payment app that lets bills be uploaded to create a secure link to a payment page that then can be shared with family and friends for support in paying it.

It’s a great solution for those in need of short-term financial help, people looking out for their elderly or vulnerable family members, housemates who split bills, or to help make sure loved ones don’t fall behind while getting back on their feet.

For more information and how to get started visit our HelpPay page.

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