Newman Power Station

Please note: As of November 2023, this asset is now fully owned by APA Group. See our media release for more information.

Located in the Pilbara region of WA, Newman Power Station is a 178MW dual fuel (gas and distillate) power station that has supplied electricity to the area since the 1970s. 

Its principal customer is the Roy Hill mine, which it supplies via our own 220kV transmission line. Located 120 km north of the Newman township, Roy Hill is one of Australia's largest single-pit, open-cut iron ore mines.

Natural gas is transported to the Newman Power Station via the Goldfields Gas Transmission Pipeline. It also keeps approximately one million litres of diesel fuel stored on site at any time. In the event of a gas supply interruption, it can switch to diesel fuel and continue to generate electricity for its customers. 


Three plant workers from the Newman Power Station walking away from the generator.
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Newman Battery Project

Our Newman Power Station is home to Western Australia’s largest lithium-ion battery. The 30MW battery is among the world’s largest and is the biggest Australian battery to be developed for an industrial application.
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