Large Scale Renewable Projects

Our involvement in large scale renewables

As at 30 June 2020, we achieved 836MW towards our target to support the development of 1,500MW of renewable energy by 2025. Alinta’s renewable projects contributing to this performance are:


Western Australia

  • Walkaway wind farm
  • Badgingarra wind farm
  • Yandin wind farm
  • Chichester solar farm


  • Bald Hills wind farm
  • Maroona wind farm
  • Timboon wind farm
  • Yawong West wind farm
  • Bannerton solar farm
  • Kiamal solar farm


  • Collinsville solar farm
  • Rugby Run solar farm


When requested, our electricity retail business also offers GreenPower accredited products to large business customers, which support the Australian renewable energy industry.

Visit the GreenPower website