MyAccount Privacy Collection Notice

MyAccount Privacy Collection Notice.

Purpose of collection


MyAccount is an online service run by Alinta Energy and has been developed to connect you online with Alinta Energy services, quickly and securely.

We collect, use and disclose your personal information so that you can use your MyAccount to view your bills, update contact information, access the Alinta Energy rewards shop and in due course to also change/update your plan(s). The provision of your personal information enables us to fulfil our obligations under any contract with you, to respond to your enquiries, to receive your feedback, to ensure we can contact you regarding your account with us, for our business operations and to comply with the law.

This collection notice applies to the personal information Alinta Energy collects when you register and use MyAccount. For more information on your rights and responsibilities as a user of MyAccount, go to the MyAccount Terms of Use.

Secondary Contacts

Alinta Energy allows you to add a secondary contact to your account to make payments on the account, request extensions or certain payment plans, and speak on your behalf in relation to your bills. You are required to provide a copy of this collection notice to your proposed secondary contact for their information when obtaining their consent to act as your secondary contact.

If you’re being added to an Alinta Energy account as a secondary contact via MyAccount, we collect, use, and disclose your personal information to verify your identity, assist with your enquiries, and provide services to the primary account holder.

This collection notice applies to the personal information Alinta Energy collects when you are added as a secondary contact to an Alinta Energy account via MyAccount.

For more information on what you can and can’t do as a secondary contact on an Alinta Energy account, go to the Secondary Contact Terms.

What Information Alinta Energy collects

When you create a MyAccount profile, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Customer number
  • a password

Creating a MyAccount profile and providing these details is voluntary. However, unless you provide these details you cannot create a MyAccount profile. All other details are retrieved from Alinta Energy’s system and will reflect the details you have provided to Alina Energy at sign up. Once you complete the account creation process your personal information will be retained and stored.

When you add a secondary contact to your account, they will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number and/or email.

Adding a secondary contact and providing these details is also voluntary. This personal information will also be retained and stored.

Assistance with your MyAccount account

If you do not have an email address and/or a mobile number stored with Alinta Energy you will not be able to create a MyAccount Account. You can contact Alinta Energy on 13 37 02 and one of our Agents will be able to assist you by adding an email and mobile number to your account with us and they can guide you through the steps required for activation.

How Alinta Energy uses and/or discloses information

Alinta Energy may use and disclose personal information in your MyAccount Account to:

  • assist you perform transactions with us
  • enable your secondary contact to speak with us about your Alinta Energy account.

For example, this may include to:

  • help you to pre-complete online forms
  • verify your identity
  • enable you to complete transactions or access services delivered by us
  • identify and assist you when our customer service team is helping you to perform administration on your MyAccount Account, or to carry out transactions on your behalf
  • assist you to perform administration on your MyAccount Account (for example, we may send you a security code in order to reset your password or contact details)
  • in due course you will even be able to add a service (or transaction) involving another Alinta Energy service to your Account

We also use your contact details to send information relevant to you. This may include general communications material or information sent by us relating to Alinta Energy’s products or services. We will ask for your consent for all other secondary uses or disclosures which are not already covered under this notice and/or Alinta Energy’s Privacy Policy.

Alinta Energy’s Privacy Policy tells you how we usually collect, use and disclose your personal information and how you can ask for access to it or seek correction of it. Our Privacy Policy also contains information about how you can make a complaint and how we will deal with such a complaint. If you would like further information about our privacy policies or practices, please contact our Privacy Officer using the contact details contained in our Privacy Policy.

Verifying your identity

In due course your MyAccount Account will also have the ability to be used to verify your identity for when you apply for and/or add services to your account. To do this we collect personal information from your identity documents.

We disclose this information to the document issuer or official record holder for the purposes of verifying the documents against the records of Australian Government and state and territory government agencies. This may include the Document Verification Service, provided by the Department of Home Affairs, or Services Australia for Department of Veteran Affairs card holders.

Protecting your information

We take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure, or other misuse. Physical measures, such as building and equipment security, are used in conjunction with digital technology, such as data encryption and firewalls, to minimise unauthorised access to information.

We ensure that personal information is not kept longer than necessary, and disposed of appropriately, in accordance with the law. We retain a record of transactions performed using your MyAccount Account for audit and other purposes. This includes to identify and investigate suspicious or inappropriate use of a MyAccount Account.

You can view your account/payment history through your MyAccount Account. However, you will need to contact to Alinta Energy on 13 37 02 to review your Activity History (such as what settings have been updated and when they were updated).

What information you are required by law to provide to us

Creating a MyAccount Account, setting up a secondary contact on your Alinta Energy account, and providing your personal information is voluntary. You are not required by law to provide this information to us.

However, if you choose not to provide us with the requested information, you may not be able to create a MyAccount Account and set up a secondary contact on your Alinta Energy account.

Access and correction of your information

You can access, review or correct your personal information by:

  • logging into your MyAccount Account and reviewing and correcting your information contained in your profile, or,
  • if you are unable to log in to your MyAccount Account you should contact us on 13 37 02 for assistance.

Further information

Alinta Energy will collect, use and share your personal and credit information to help us provide services to you. For details about how we manage your information, how you can access and correct it, or make a complaint, see our Privacy Policy and Credit Reporting Policy on the Alinta Energy website.