Moving in a hurry? Here’s how to make it work

In an ideal world, moving houses would take no less than a month, but life doesn’t wait for anyone and the universe often loves disrupting our plans.

Whether your job requires you to move cities within the week, or you’ve sold your house sooner than expected, this succinct guide to moving in a hurry ought to help break the record for packing in haste. So, here’s how to prepare yourself for a speedy move — on your marks, get set, GO!

No time to lose!

A detailed plan of attack would be ideal but time is of the essence! We can’t waste it creating a well-thought out schedule – you just need to get started.

Keep it simple. Have a quick look at our moving checklist to help you determine exactly what needs to be prioritised.

Path of least resistance

Since time isn’t on your side, we’ve compiled the best professional packing advice to make the process as smooth as possible:

  • Start by ensuring all important documents are organised and filed away in a single folder in case you need them during your move.
  • Then get straight into packing your least used rooms, leaving your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to the very end. If you’re too overwhelmed by the task ahead of you, this list of what to pack first will help you keep on top of things.
  • Don’t exhaust precious time and energy on things you’ll eventually throw out. Get rid of items you don’t need using the purge and declutter method. It’s about time you tossed out expired foods and those items you haven’t used in the last year!
  • Just move the items as they are. Instead of removing things from your drawers, take the short route and shift the drawers and their contents into the moving truck.
  • Don’t fuss around with removing clothing hangers either – gently place them in large bags, hangers and all!
  • With fragile items like dinner sets and glassware, try stacking them vertically to minimise damage and maximise space. Use bath towels, bedding and other soft items in-between fragile items to reduce costs and time.
  • Hard plastic boxes can be bought on the cheap from budget stores like Red Dot, or retailers like Big W and Ikea. These will help protect breakables too.
  • If you’re moving overseas, sadly you’ll have to leave your plant babies behind. Why not give them to your friends to take care of? That way you know the items you’ve cared for and loved will get nourished by those important to you.
  • And if you are bound for lands elsewhere, don’t forget about going through customs. If any of your items are likely to be questioned or seized by the authorities, avoid the heartbreak – just don’t bring it with you.

Who you gonna call?

To move houses with ease and efficiency, you need to call the removalists! These guys are experts and fully equipped to handle the stress of moving. They’ll provide their own packing materials and manpower to keep your valuable items safe and secure during your move.

Not sure where to start looking for the perfect one? Here’s a quick guide on how to pick a removalist.

Tricks of the trade

Now that you know exactly where you need to start, here are a few more nifty tips to make moving in a hurry that little bit easier.

  • Start the day an hour or two earlier. The more time the better, right?
  • Set mini milestones. This is a super effective technique to help you destress and get things done.
  • Snap lots of photos before you start to pack. This will save you the effort of creating a detailed inventory list.
  • Space is crucial. Use your handbags, backpacks, travel luggage, and even shoe boxes to store your small belongings like jewellery or phone chargers. It’ll save you time and space.
  • Take extra care of your pets on moving day. No matter how calm you keep your pets during the big move, they will still feel disrupted in your new home. Get them re-established in a routine as soon as you move in to avoid added stress.
  • And if you’ve got kids? Get them involved and packing too! You can make it a game to keep them engaged along the journey.

To help you when you move, we’re putting some of the best moving tips we’ve learnt over the past 25 years on our website.

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