Stay green - tips for moving house with garden plants

Just because you have gone to all the effort to create an amazing garden doesn't mean you have to leave your hard work behind when you move house.

If you want to take not only your pot plants but perhaps your favourite roses, hydrangeas, or even fruit trees when you move house, here are some helpful green thumb removalist tips. 

Advise your buyers

Before you do anything, advise your buyers. They need to be aware of what you’re planning on taking from the garden as they have probably assumed it would be left untouched.

Unless you discuss and agree it with your buyers, when selling your property any potted plants can be moved, but plants in the ground should be staying.

Come to an agreement with them before you take any plants that are planted in your garden.

Create a plan

Once you’ve settled the matter with your buyers, start by creating a plan of what you want to move and how you’re going to do it.

Look at what plants you’re planning to move and research how best to move them.

Factor this work into your schedule of everything that else need to be done before, during and after your move.

Talk to your removalists

If you’re using professional removalists, make sure they are aware of your plans to move plants as well as household goods.

They may have experience in moving plants and can help you keep your plants in the best condition during the move.

They may also need to bring extra items with them to ensure your plants are protected while in transit.

Get your plants ready 

The best time to move plants is when they are dormant (usually in Winter), but you might not be able to plan your move around this time of the year.

Prune the plants you’re planning to move so they are easier to transport. This will also help to encourage new growth when they are replanted.

As close to your moving date as possible, move the plants to a dry sheltered area and keep them well watered so they don’t dry out completely.

If you’re placing them in pots for the move, make sure the pots are intact and have no obvious cracks or holes.

Take cuttings & collect seeds

If you can’t take the whole plant with you, consider taking cuttings or seeds from your favourite plants.

You can then grow new plants at your new home and recreate your ideal garden that way instead.

Here’s a handy guide for taking successful cuttings of your plants and trees.

Uproot at the last minute

Planning on moving large bushes or trees?

Uproot these as close to your moving day as possible. A tree needs to be replanted as soon as possible after uprooting so you don’t want it sitting with its roots exposed for days or weeks on end.

Keep the root structure as intact as you can by digging a wide hole around the plant or tree before pulling it out.

Don’t forget to backfill the holes as well – your buyers won’t appreciate being the proud owners of a garden full of holes!

Here are some handy hints for replanting trees and shrubs.

Keep them watered

Plants in transit need to be kept well-hydrated so water them often in the lead up to your move.

Don’t water them on the day of your move though, as this will make them heavier to lift and transport.

Use suitable packaging

Your plants will need to be moved in suitable packaging.

You can use garden pots if you have them available, otherwise lined cardboard boxes can work just as well (and are often lighter to carry too).

If there are long branches or stems on the plants, tie them together gently to stop them wobbling around, getting damaged, or falling out of the box while in transit.

Replant as soon as you can (keep in cool dry space until you can, water well)

Your plants should be the last things loaded onto the moving van and the first things unloaded.

As soon as possible after the move, get your plants into the ground and water them well.

If you can’t replant them straight away, keep them in a sheltered, cool space (out of direct sunlight) and water them regularly.

Once planted, water them daily until they are completely re-established, and then resume your usual watering schedule.

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