The smart way to save your back when moving house

There’s no doubt that moving home is hard work. There’s lots of heavy lifting involved, and even if you’ve hired professionals to move you, you’re probably still going to end up carrying a few things or even helping the removalists with some bulky items.

You don’t want to spend your first evening in your new home in agony because of back pain due to not looking after your body while you move.

Here are some key tips for how to save your back when moving house.

Pack properly

Saving your back starts with packing. Use good quality packing materials and make sure you fill boxes. 

If boxes have empty space inside, they might collapse or become malformed when carried and this can in turn end up hurting your back.

Get help

Don’t think you need to be a superhero and do everything yourself. Moving is hard work, no matter how fit you are.

Ask for help when it comes to the heavy lifting from willing friends or family.

Alternatively, hire a professional removalist who knows what they are doing. They’ll know the best ways to move items, especially bulky ones. Plus they come will all the right equipment needed to move house safely.

Use appropriate equipment

There is lots of helpful equipment you can use to make your move a lot easier as well as kinder on your back.

First, make sure you hire a van with a platform that can be lowered and raised to the base of the van. Most professional removalists use these and they make the job a lot easier and safer too.

Hand trolleys are very useful for moving large items or 2-3 boxes at a time.

Moving straps are another innovation that can help you to move big items like couches and appliances without it damaging your back. Made to be used by 2 people, they’re ergonomically designed to promote proper lifting techniques.

You could also use a flatbed trolley to move heavy items or multiple boxes at a time. Just be sure to load it correctly and carefully so it doesn’t overbalance.

Moving blankets are helpful to keep your items protected and dust free while in transit.

Moving a couch

Most couches have short legs attached to the base. These can make them tricky to get through smaller doorways, so take them off before you move it.

Next remove all the loose parts like cushions – they’re extra weight you don’t need and you don’t want them falling off as you move.

Now you’ve got a few options when it comes to how to move your couch. 

Furniture Slider – you could opt for a slider. This is a piece of plastic backed with hard rubber that you slide underneath the couch, and then you’re able to push your couch more easily across the floor.

Flatbed Trolley – depending on the size of your sofa and whether it breaks down into smaller pieces, you could use a flatbed trolley. Simply place the pieces of the couch onto the trolley and wheel it to the van.

Moving Straps – for large bulky couches, moving straps might be ideal. Used by 2 people, these take the weight of the item off your back and distribute it across the rest of your body to help prevent injury.

Moving heavy appliances

The best way to move heavy or bulky appliances is with a hand trolley.

Position the trolley as close to the appliance as possible.

Get someone to tilt the appliance slightly so you can gently slide the base of the trolley underneath it. They can then place the appliance back down carefully.

Now you’ll be able to tip the trolley towards you and wheel it to the van for loading. 

For extra security use a strap to secure the appliance to the trolley. This is especially useful for uneven surfaces or if you have to negotiate any stairs along the way.

Moving tables & chairs 

If you have tables and chairs where their legs can be removed, take them off. 

It makes it much easier to move the individual pieces. Not only that, but they will take up less space in your moving van as well.

Don’t forget to package any small screws with your items or label them clearly in a bag and pop them into your essentials box so they don’t get lost during their journey.

Lift well 

When you do need to lift items, do it the right way.

Keep your back straight, and bend at the knees. When standing back up, don’t twist around, rather turn carefully. 

Twisting while picking up heavy items is one of the most common ways people injure their backs so don’t ignore this seemingly simple advice!

Don’t rush

You might want to get your move done as quickly as possible, but rushing is when accidents happen.

Rather take a little more time and do things the right way. Cutting corners could lead to injuries and that’s something you really want to avoid on your moving day.

Take a warm bath with epsom salts 

After a long day of moving, look after your back by taking a warm bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts added. 

The magnesium sulphate in Epsom salts helps to relax your muscles and is well-known as pain relief for swelling and joint pain.

It might weigh next to nothing, but forgetting to change your gas over to your new property can still cause you pain!

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