Tips on how to save money when you move house

Moving house isn’t the cheapest exercise. You’ve got to consider packaging materials, deposits, exit cleaning fees, removalists and setting up new utilities at your new property.

Luckily moving house doesn't have to break the bank with these 11 helpful tips that could help you save money when you move house.

Make a plan

Having a plan of action is one of the best ways to save money.

You can work out exactly what needs to be done, by when, and how much it’s going to cost.

This means no last minute surprise costs and a much smoother move.


When you move house, the amount of time it’s going to take, and the amount of things you need to move are the two main factors when it comes to what it’s going to cost you.

Having a ruthless clear out before you move means that you’ll reduce the amount of belongings you need to transport, which not only results in a cost saving, but a time saving too.

Use online marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to sell unwanted goods, donate items to charity or pass things onto family and friends.

Compare quotes

If using a professional removalist, shop around for quotes.

Don’t just take the first quote you get. Prices can vary wildy, but make sure the service you choose covers the aspects of the move you need.

Book in advance

The further in advance you book your moving day, the more likely you are to get a better price. Just like anything, if you are booking a day or two ahead, you’ll probably have to pay more, and chances are you might not even be able to find someone to do the job.

Ask for a discount

If you qualify for any discounts, such as student, pensioner, or armed forces, don’ be shy – ask for a discount.

Every little helps when it comes to moving and saving even 5 or 10% on a quote can help you save money when you move house.

Choose an off-peak day to move

Many people choose to move on a weekend or a Friday.

If you can, choose a less popular day to move and you might be surprised at the price difference!

Get friends & family to help pack

While it’s great to pay someone to come in and pack everything up for you, it’s not a service that everyone can afford, especially if you’re counting the pennies.

Rather, rope in your friends and family to help you pack. Feed them, water them, and they’ll help you get the job done in no time.

Use second-hand boxes

Ask around friends and family or even on your local Facebook groups for moving boxes from anyone who may have moved recently and has boxes to pass on.

Just remember to make sure the boxes are in good condition. You don’t want boxes collapsing or falling apart as they’ve been used too many times.

Clear your pantry & freezer

Often we don’t realise just how much food we have in our fridge, freezer, and pantry until we come to move.

Go through all your food and get rid of anything that’s past it’s sell by date (yes, we’re talking about that tin of lentils from 2013!).

Next make a plan not to buy anything you’ve already got stocked. Finally, start using some of your food up before you move. The more you eat, the less you have to move (just don’t eat it all in one go!).

Pack an essentials box

Pack a box of essential items that you’ll need as soon as you arrive at the new property, or essentials you don’t want to be scrambling for later on in the day because you can’t find the box they went into.

It should include items like toilet paper, toiletries, toothbrushes, a packing knife or scissors to open boxes, some basic kitchen items, kettle, toaster and whatever else you might need for your family.

Do an online food shop to your new home

By the time evening comes, you might feel like you just can’t face cooking a meal or going out to find some dinner.

Before you move, do an online food shop and book the delivery to your new home on your moving day.

This means you’ll have a fridge and pantry well stocked with your favourite foods, ready to tuck into when hunger kicks in.

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