Natural Disaster Emergency Information

We’re here to support our customers through any severe weather events or natural disasters that occur across Australia. If you have been affected by the recent floods, please contact your local distributor for further information about the power outages and resumption of services. If you are unsure who your local distributor is, call us on 13 37 02 and select option 1, then option 1 again for our Faults and Emergencies line, where you will be redirected.

To our customers in the flood affected areas we’ve been monitoring, we’re now reassured that the immediate threat of flood has subsided. Therefore, we are lifting the temporary suspension we had in place and will resume our standard credit and collections activities.

We do understand that while the flood threat has reduced, our customers may still be feeling the impacts. If you require more time to pay your current bill, you can request a payment extension online anytime, anywhere in MyAccount. For further hardship or financial assistance, we can work with you to arrange it based on your individual circumstances. Visit our Hardship Support page for more information.

Please note, distributor technicians are focusing on emergency electricity and natural gas works due to the floods. Distributors will need to assess whether it’s safe for their technicians to access affected areas. Expect delays for meter readings, meter exchanges and other non-essential works.


For recent emergency updates and relevant storm safety information, please visit your state’s SES website. For NSW customers, visit and for QLD customers, visit

When a flood warning is issued:

  • Know the location of your main switch and meter box and switch off electricity to non-essential circuits before they are submerged in rising floodwaters
  • Move electric pump motors and portable appliances to an area above the estimated flood height
  • Listen to the local news and follow your local authorities on social media so you’re across any updates relevant to your local area
  • Always follow instructions and directions from local authorities and be ready to evacuate if necessary. Ensure your mobile is charged and check you have a torch, spare batteries, and portable radio in good working order

If you’re asked to evacuate:

  • If your supply has not been disconnected, and if it is safe to do so, switch off all appliances including the main switch.
  • Turn off gas at the mains and secure any gas bottles
  • Pack an evacuation kit with your mobile phone, chargers, important phone numbers, medicine, and essential supplies including a torch and spare batteries
  • Treat all powerlines as alive and dangerous. Keep well clear and avoid contact with wires which are handing low or on the ground, dangling in flood water or tangled in trees
  • If you or someone that resides at your property requires life support or medical equipment, please enact your plan of action and if required, seek medical assistance

When returning to your home:

  • Take extra care around your main switchboard. If you’re unsure about your switchboard's safety, steer clear and call your licensed electrical contractor
  • Your distributor will inspect your main switchboard and meters before the power is restored.
  • Have a licensed electrician check your household’s circuitry and appliances before turning them on after a flood
  • In the interim
    • Do not use electrical appliances which have been in flood waters
    • Do not handle any wet electrical equipment

Life Support

For anyone who relies on life support please ensure you have an emergency action plan in place to ensure your supply isn’t interrupted during any extended outages and emergencies and take the following into consideration:

  • Develop an emergency contact list and keep it on hand. It could include the names, addresses and phone numbers of your doctor, the nearest hospital, a neighbour or other support services. Also include the emergency contact number for Alinta Energy which will automatically connect you to your electricity and gas distributors if necessary, and if required seek medical assistance.
  • Contact your doctor or life support equipment owner to discuss your options if there is a loss of energy supply.

Loss of Electricity-specific back-up plan options

  • Periodically check the back-up battery of your life support equipment so you know that it's capable of performing during an outage.

Emergency Contact details

To report an electricity or gas fault or emergency, call us on 13 37 02 and select option 1, then option 1 again (24 hours, 7 days).

For power or gas outages, contact your local distributor who can provide further information about resumption of service.

If you require further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated life support team on 1300 721 092.

Family Violence


For safety reasons, electricity and gas supplies are often disconnected during bushfires. Contact your local distributor to receive updates on any disconnections in your area.

Please ensure that your household’s energy supply components and any appliances affected by bushfires are checked by licensed electricians or gas fitters prior to your energy supply being turned on again.

Once again, we’d like to remind all our customers that we’re here to support you. For anyone affected by a natural disaster, please get in touch and we’ll look to provide immediate assistance. To discuss the options available to you, call 13 37 02 or email