The rules are changing: The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) is introducing new rules for energy retailers to fast track the roll out of smart meters to their customers, so that every household and business has a smart meter. Once these rules come into effect, we need to let you know the option to opt out will be removed which means if you choose to opt out, you'll eventually be put back in the pipeline to receive an upgrade.

Power of Choice

Power of Choice

The name 'Power of Choice' has been given to a set of government reforms designed to give customers more options to control the way in which they use and manage their electricity expenditure. The rule changes become effective from 1 December 2017 and will add competition in digital metering across the energy market.


To help answer any questions you may have about these changes, you can view our Power of Choice Industry Frequently Asked Questions below.

I don't want a digital meter

The new rules state that basic meters need to be replaced with digital meters. If you do not want a digital meter and your meter is deemed faulty, it will be installed with the communications functions disabled.

What is a digital meter?

A digital meter is a device that measures and records how much electricity is being used by a household or a business. It uses new technology that communicates your meter readings every 30 minutes directly to your electricity meter data provider.

What are the benefits of a digital meter?

A digital meter has many benefits including:

  • providing you with more accurate and up-to-date information about your electricity usage so you can identify ways to save electricity and reduce your energy costs;
  • being able to remotely read your electricity usage means you will no longer need to be at home when you have your meter read and there is less chance of estimated meter reads
  • your electricity may be connected or disconnected remotely which makes connections and disconnections more efficient to carry out and
  • making it easier for your electricity distributor to detect and repair power outages.

Why would I get a digital meter?

All new meters for both residential and small business customers will need to be digital as they have advanced technology and allows things to be done remotely depending on the state where you live. Overtime basic meters will be replaced by digital meters.

Do I have to have a digital meter?

No, you don't have to have a digital meter from 1 December 2017. If your meter becomes faulty and no longer provides accurate readings your basic meter will have to be replaced with a digital meter.

Why is the government making me get a digital meter?

The new rules for metering were developed by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) as part of the Power of Choice reforms on 1st December 2017. New digital meter technology provides households with real-time information on their electricity usage. This in turn provides you with greater control. With growing energy demand and rising electricity prices, there is a need to give consumers greater control over their energy consumption.

How can I get a digital meter?

At this time Alinta Energy will only be replacing basic meters with digital meters where the meter has become faulty and no longer provides accurate readings. Alinta Energy will be launching new products and services from time to time which will be designed to benefit customers. Details of the current products and services are available on the Alinta Energy website.

Will I be charged more if I have a digital meter?

If you are having a digital meter installed due to a fault, we will not be making any changes to your existing product.

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