Power Generation

Alinta Energy doesn’t just retail energy. We generate energy too, at power stations owned, contracted and/or operated by us across Australia and New Zealand.


Map showing Alinta Energy's assets

Around 3,000MW of it. And because we generate our own energy, it help us offer a reliable and affordable supply to our customers.

Here’s a snapshot of our electricity generation and gas distribution assets – from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific and across the Tasman.


Wagerup, Western Australia

Wagerup is a dual fuel (gas and distillate) power station that provides electricity to the South West Interconnected system (SWIS). Wagerup is dispatched when there is high demand for electricity in the SWIS.

Capacity: 380MW


Pinjarra, Western Australia

The gas fuelled Pinjarra Power Station is a cogeneration plant located at Alcoa’s Pinjarra refinery in WA. The plant produces both electricity and steam. The electricity generated is used to supply the South West Interconnected system (SWIS) and the steam is used by Alcoa in its refinery.

Capacity: 285MW


Goldfields Gas Pipeline, Western Australia

The Goldfields Gas Transmission Pipeline (GGTP) is a 1,380km gas pipeline transporting natural gas from Carnarvon basin producers in the north-west of WA to Kalgoorlie in the south east of WA. The GGTP is connected to Alinta Energy’s Newman Power Station by a 50km lateral pipeline.

Please note: As of November 2023, this asset is now fully owned by APA Group. See our media release for more information.


Newman Power Station, Western Australia

Our Newman Power Station is a dual fuel (gas and distillate) power station and includes a Battery Storage System that provides energy via a 220kV transmission line to the Roy Hill mine site in the Pilbara region of WA. This power station has supplied power in this region for more than 40 years.

Capacity 178MW

Please note: As of November 2023, this asset is now fully owned by APA Group. See our media release for more information.

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Port Hedland Power Station

Port Hedland is a dual fuel (gas and distillate) power station located in the Pilbara region of WA. Its five 42MW gas-fired turbine units provide electricity to the Pilbara region. Please note: As of November 2023, this asset is now fully owned by APA Group. See the media release dated 2 November 2023 on our News Hub for more information.


Braemar, Queensland

Braemar Power Station is an open-cycle gas turbine plant that provides both peak and intermediate power.

Located next to Queensland’s Coal Seam Gas fields, Alinta Energy also owns the 148km gas pipeline from Condamine to Braemar, which is used exclusively to supply the power station’s fuel.

Capacity: 514MW

Part 23 Information Disclosure

The Condamine to the Braemar Pipeline holds a Category 2 Part 23 exemption and is therefore only required to publish a User Access Guide:

Condamine to Braemar Pipeline: User Access Guide


Bairnsdale, Victoria

A gas-fired power station, Bairnsdale supplies energy across Victoria’s East Gippsland region.

Bairnsdale power station operates as a peaking power station and provides support to the electricity network to ensure system security.

Capacity: 94MW


Reeves Plain Power Station Proposal

Alinta Energy’s proposal for the development and construction of a gas-fired power station (of up to 300MW) in Reeves Plains, South Australia has been approved.

If you would like to receive updates on the project, register your interest here.

Capacity: Up to 300MW


Glenbrook, New Zealand

Glenbrook is a co-generation plant located at Glenbrook, south of Auckland, New Zealand.

The Glenbrook Power Station is fully integrated into the New Zealand Steel plant and currently supplies around 60% of the plant’s electricity requirements.

Capacity: 112MW


Loy Yang B Power station

Loy Yang B Power Station is located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, 160km east of Melbourne. Alinta Energy’s owner, CTFE, acquired the Loy Yang B power station in January 2018. The plant is Victoria’s newest and most efficient coal-fired power station, providing about 20 per cent of the State’s energy needs. Capacity: 1200 MW