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We take the security of our customer’s information very seriously. Unfortunately, Alinta Energy is occasionally victim to scam threats that are directed to current or previous customers, so it’s important to be alert to the signs of these potential threats.

Recent Alinta Energy scams, fraud and phishing alerts

Community Announcement, 8th May 2020: Hoax phone call directed at current and previous Alinta Energy customers

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Identifying potential scams

Scams can come from multiple forms, such as suspicious emails, fake alerts or calls from unknown numbers claiming to be Alinta Energy representative. Recent scams have tried to offer customers further discounts on their energy plans or have tried to claim outstanding payments from customer energy accounts. To do this they may request a customer’s personal details or financial information, including credit card and bank account details. 

  • You shouldn’t trust any phone call that doesn’t display caller ID. Calls made by or on behalf of Alinta Energy will always display the caller’s phone number
  • We will never send you text messages or emails that ask you to confirm, update or disclose personal or financial information
  • The discounts shown on Alinta Energy’s website are what is currently on offer. To view our current offers, visit our energy plan page and enter your postcode, where you’ll then be able to view the most relevant offers and pricing in your area.
How to read your bill

Avoiding potential scams

To make sure you are protected, we want you to feel safe in knowing the facts when it comes to sharing your personal and banking information with Alinta Energy.

We’ll always provide a customer reference number to you over the phone that can be used to reference your account details via our billing system later. Only authorised energy retailers and their affiliated sales channels will be able to verify and match your address using your MIRN (Meter Installation Registration Number).

  • You can securely pay your bill by phone using our automated bill payment systems which can be access by calling 13 37 02 and selecting option 4
  • You should only update your account information using My Account or with an authorised Alinta Energy Customer Care representative, whereby you have initiated the call and the phone number your dialled came from a trusted source, such as our website, your bill or marketing materials.
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If you think you’ve been targeted

If you think you may have provided a third party with your credit card or bank account details over the phone as a part of a scam, please contact your bank or financial institution immediately and notify us by calling 13 37 02.

Please contact your local police if you believe you may be the victim of fraud.

For more information and resources to help you recognise, avoid and report scams and other cyber security threats, please visit either of the government websites below.